Acid-etched mirrors: the stylish choice

Acid-etched mirrors are a popular choice for both residential and commercial projects.

Their aesthetic qualities add a unique, stylish touch that perfectly complements the decor.

Quite discreet in appearance, acid-etched mirrors can also create a sense of depth and are very popular with designers who use them to maximize the effect of space.

And with our glass manufacturing techniques, you can be certain that this product will always meet your needs.

Acid-etched mirror benefits

Acid-etched mirrors are more resistant to certain types of smudges. For example, fingerprints tend to be less noticeable on these mirrors. In addition, their frosted finish creates a unique aesthetic effect and a muted ambiance, making them a popular design choice.

Acid-etched mirror applications

Acid-etched mirrors can enhance the look of any room and are often used as decorative accents or wall coverings. You can also use them as kitchen backsplashes. These mirrors can only be used indoors.

Acid-etched mirror availability

Our acid-etched mirrors are available in a 6mm thickness and, upon request, in 3mm and 5mm thicknesses. These mirrors also come in sizes up to 130″ x 96″ and can be ordered in the following tints: clear, extra clear, grey and bronze. Contact Groupe SVR to discuss what’s right for your project.