Corrosion-resistant shower glass

Shower glass is designed to resist the corrosive effects of heat, moisture and water. It is a popular choice for residential project contractors.

Shower glass is also easy to maintain and prevents scale build-up. It can be easily cleaned with a sponge, wipes and basic cleaners. With its clear inner protective coating, our product is protected against corrosion and the effects of aging. This shower glass, as a result, can retain its original appearance for years to come.

And with our industry-leading glass manufacturing technology, your shower glass can be made to your exact specifications.

Shower glass benefits

Shower glass is designed to resist the corrosive effects of heat. The unique feature of our shower glass is its inner HydroClear® anti-corrosion coating. It only needs to be applied once and lasts for as long as the shower glass itself. In addition to preventing maintenance headaches, our product keeps showers in perfect condition.

Shower glass applications

Corrosion-resistant glass is the ideal choice for many projects, particularly for showers. Since it is perfectly designed for humid environments, it can also be used in the construction of outdoor railings. You can also use corrosion-resistant glass to enclose swimming pools for greater safety.

Shower glass availability

Our shower glass is available in sizes ranging from 96″ to 130″ and is 10mm thick. Thicknesses of 6mm, 8mm and 12mm are all available upon request. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Groupe SVR today.