Tinted glass: comfort and beauty all year round

Tinted glass is particularly popular with designers. Available in many colours, it can be a tremendous asset for any residential and industrial project. Tinted glass is also regularly used in the construction of condominiums, particularly for luxury railings and staircases.

Used wisely, tinted glass can enhance the aesthetics of any space with a clean, contemporary look. This gives many projects an edge. In addition, it creates a sense of privacy, which is a practical consideration for many designs.

All our tints can be matched to a wide range of styles to meet your project requirements.

Tinted glass benefits

Tinted glass is often used by designers to enhance the ambiance of a room. Its bolder tones can give a room a more aesthetic and intimate feel. Tinted glass is also very versatile and can be used in many types of projects.

Tinted glass applications

With its darker tones, tinted glass provides privacy. This makes it, for example, an ideal choice for shower doors. On the commercial front, it can be used to create glass partitions that provide an elegant transition between sections of a building. Tinted glass is also used in the construction of railings, cellars and many other structural elements.

Tinted glass availability

Our tinted glass is available in gray, bronze and, upon request, blue and green. It comes in thicknesses of 6mm to 12mm and sizes up to 130″ x 96″. Other colours, sizes and thicknesses are also available to meet your project needs. Talk to the experts at Groupe SVR to learn more about our tinted glass.