Tinted mirrors: beauty and refinement

Tinted mirrors are a must for many designers looking to add a touch of elegance and refinement to their projects. This product is used in both residential and commercial projects.

Known to provide a sense of depth, tinted mirrors can add a unique touch to any decor, giving any room a distinctive look. With its ability to soften light, this product can create an enticing ambiance.

And with our glass manufacturing techniques, you can be certain that our tinted mirrors will completely meet your needs.

Source: Walker


Tinted mirror benefits

Tinted mirrors are designed to perfectly fit into a variety of layouts and decors. This product is very popular with designers of upscale residential and commercial projects. Synonymous with elegance, tinted mirrors are available in many colours.

Tinted mirror applications

Tinted mirrors are designed for indoor use. This product has many applications, including decorative projects. Some designers, for example, use it on accent walls. Tinted mirrors can also be incorporated into furniture and displays or used as wall coverings.

Tinted mirror availability

Tinted mirrors are available in sizes up to 100″ x 144″ and a thickness of 5 mm. Upon request, this product is also available in thicknesses of 3mm to 6mm. Plus, our tinted mirrors come in grey or bronze finishes. To discuss what you need for your project, contact one of Groupe SVR’s experts today.