Laminated glass: safe and stylish

Laminated glass is the best choice for your safety needs.

This product’s unique construction lets you blend different types of glass to modify its thickness. You can use it for structural purposes, even where glass would not usually be considered an option, such as a floor or a staircase. The versatility of laminated glass makes it possible to create different types of designs for multiple applications.

Laminated glass can also, due to its resistance, absorb glass shards when it breaks. Plus, it’s an ideal choice for commercial projects.

And with our glass manufacturing techniques, you can be certain that our laminated glass will always meet your needs.

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Laminated glass benefits

Although it is known for its structural and safety qualities, laminated glass also has other interesting advantages. It has excellent acoustic insulation properties. In addition, laminated glass can block almost all ultraviolet rays.

Laminated glass applications

Laminated glass has many indoor and outdoor applications. Indoors, it can be used as a partition for soundproofing purposes. Its durability also makes it the perfect choice for railings. You can also use laminated glass for skylights, floors, steps and stairwells.

Laminated glass availability

Our laminated glass is available in sizes up to 80″ x 144″. Upon request, we can provide you with the thickness you require. Plus, we can laminate our glass to your specifications. For more information on laminated glass, do not hesitate to contact Groupe SVR today.