Customer service: comprehensive, value-added support

When it comes to glass processing, we like to think of ourselves as a partner in your success. That’s why, whatever your objectives, we assist you from the beginning to the end of your residential or commercial project. From the very first meeting, our consultants will do everything necessary to ensure that your project becomes a memorable residential or commercial project. To do this, we put at your disposal :

  • A fast and efficient team
  • Competent technical advisors
  • A flexible approach that adapts to your needs

At SVR Group, this is our signature. Discover our process now.

Help with bidding

The submission of a glass transformation project involves many subtleties. That’s why we help our clients during this stage of the project. Knowing the technical details of the products allows them to make a better choice and to fill out the quote more efficiently and accurately. For us, this is also excellence in service.


Using modeling software, particularly Autocad, we draw, for the customer, when relevant, templates of the glass products he has purchased. This allows him to visualize, when the situation requires it, the final rendering of his products once completed. It is a service that is integrated into our global process.


Customized services

Glass processing projects can be complex without the support of a flexible and experienced partner. That’s why we offer complete support from start to finish. We know how to adapt to the details and can get the best out of each product. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Glass blocks

You can order your glass blocks directly from us. This way, you can cut and finish the glass right in your own workshop. For some glaziers, this is a faster, more cost-effective solution. Whether it’s glass or mirror products you need, we can provide them to you in blocks. For more information, contact your representative today.


Selecting the right hardware is an essential step in completing any glass project. With our turnkey solutions, we can meet all your hardware needs. Hinges, handles, mouldings and base shoes are just a few examples of the hundreds of products we offer. When you choose your hardware with us, you’re guaranteed to get the right deductions and the best products for your project.

Site delivery

For our clients in the Greater Montreal area, we offer a site delivery service. To safely transport your order, we carefully package, deliver and unload it for you. For your convenience, our team can also deliver your glass on racks wherever and whenever you want. For more information, talk to your representative about your project.