Clear glass: a popular building material

Clear glass is a basic building material. With its greenish hue, it is known for its superior aesthetic and optical qualities. It can transmit light, providing a high level of illumination. It is the ideal, all-purpose glass for the construction industry.

Clear glass is endlessly adaptable and can be used for many types of projects. To meet your requirements, it can be cut to size. For us, the process is even more streamlined because we use the most advanced technology in the industry.

All these qualities ensure that our clear glass will always meet your needs.

Clear glass benefits

Clear glass is known for its versatility and ability to create the illusion of space with natural light. It does not warp and, once tempered, provides better resistance to scratches, shocks and bending. Plus, clear glass offers an excellent quality/price ratio.

Clear glass applications

Clear glass is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. It can be used to make doors, partitions, sanitary glass and store windows. Clear glass is commonly used in commercial, industrial and residential construction.

Clear glass availability

Cut and processed with some of the most advanced technology in the industry, our clear glass products range in thickness from 3mm to 19mm and can be up to 108″ x 144″ in size. For more information on clear glass, do not hesitate to contact Groupe SVR today.