Ultra-clear glass: the most transparent choice

Prized by construction and design professionals for its versatility and impressive clarity, ultra-clear glass is the best choice for any luxury project.

Ultra-clear glass has an exceptionally clean look. This product makes spaces brighter, more beautiful and larger. It is used for indoor applications where a clear view is expected. Its overall color index makes ultra-clear glass ideal for many applications, including upscale architectural projects.

Made to specification with the latest technology, our ultra clear glass can meet every aesthetic need of your high-end clients.

Ultra-clear glass benefits

With its clarity of vision, ultra-clear glass can enhance the aesthetics of any structure without altering its colour. It also provides more heat retention than clear glass, due to its higher luminosity, which is particularly useful in winter.

Ultra-clear glass applications

Ultra-clear glass is often the ideal choice for upscale residential projects and is recommended for shower doors, glass railings, artwork protection and more. For high-end commercial projects, it can be used to make, for example, office partitions, staircases and laminated glass floors.

Ultra-clear glass availability

Available in thicknesses ranging from 6mm to 12mm and sizes up to 130″ x 96″, our ultra-clear glass is manufactured with extreme precision. Plus, we can customize your glass to fit your specific requirements. To learn more about our glass, contact one of Groupe SVR’s experts today.